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Dana Rader Golf School arranges innovative and participative special events that offer a fun and creative way for your guests to enjoy golf in a beautiful, state-of-the-art setting. This is just a snapshot of the fun events available! Contact us at 704-542-7635 wtih your specific inquiry for an event and we will endeavor to propose some alternative suggestions.

Corporate Team Building Hole-in-one Team building Experience

Engage and stimulate your team through golf with customizable team building events at Dana Rader Golf School. We offer team building exercises designed to foster both competition and collaboration, engaging groups to assist them in addressing a variety of goals. Our experienced staff will divide your group into small-sized teams that will work together for a friendly competition against other teams. Your group will not only have a fun day, but also a wonderful “life memory” experience.

Duration: 2 hours
No golf experience necessary
For more information, call us at 704.542.7635

Putting Challenge Course

Putting Challenge Course 18 Holes

This clinic promises to be entertaining. Dana Rader golf professionals review the basics of putting and each participant practices along with an instructor’s assistance. Individual competition or 2 or more person teams. Each team will have a score card and challenge on each hole. Lowest score wins.

Duration: 1-2 hours
No golf experience necessary
For more information, call us at 704.542.7635

Short Game Challenge The Scoring Zone Challenge
Fun Contests that Improve Skills

More than 50% of all golf shots are made within 75 yards of the green in “the scoring zone.” Offer your group a fun way to improve their short game with this challenging event. Dana Rader Golf School instructors coach golfers toward better techniques in short game play. Areas are set up for chipping, pitching, and putting. Customized score cards are provided. Challenge can be set up for individual or group play. Prizes and Food & Beverage are fun options.

Duration: 1 1/2 - 2 hours
No golf experience necessary
For more information, call us at 704.542.7635

Starting New at Golf

SNAG® Golf Experience

SNAG® Golf, which stands for “Starting New At Golf,” is an easy-to-learn and fun-to-play golf program that is sure to entertain while effectively teaching the game of golf to people of all ages and ability levels. For an experience more advanced than miniature golf but not quite regulation golf, SNAG® is a great option for adults and juniors. The system builds on strong fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full swing to develop playing ability quickly and effectively. The School also offers golf programs that include short game skills challenges, contests or entertaining team competitions, and full swing instruction with video analysis.

Duration: 1 1/2 - 2 hours
No golf experience necessary
For more information, call us at 704.542.7635

Exclusive Club Fitting Experience

Exclusive Club Fitting Experience

  • Adult Club Fitting session featuring the industry's leading launch monitor.
  • Golf tips from LPGA and PGA Class A Professionals to increase club skill and proficiency.
  • Private Driving Range Warm-Up.
  • Optional: Video analysis with customized corporate logo and/or video greeting message. Each person will have their golf swing emailed to them from our Internet golf academy, giving you an opportunity to advertise your company each time they open their golf swing.
Walliwcc_display_image Big break dana rader golf school

Raise the level of interest and excitement at your next group outing with Big Break style games and contests. Teams or individuals compete in a series of different golf skills tests. The last two individuals or teams with the most points at the end of all the contests will face-off against one another in a matchplay final by playing a three-hole Par 2 Challenge.

Hickory Stick Golf Clubs
Male Golf Knickers

Female Golf Knickers

“Back to the Beginning” Hickory Stick

Our hickory stick program will take the participants back in time when golf clubs had shafts made of hickory. All involved will come away with a whole new appreciation for the game of golf by experiencing what is was like to play before today’s technological advancements in golf equipment.

For more information, call us at 704.542.7635

Dana Rader Demonstration Clinic Demonstration Clinic

Your group will be entertained with a short 30-60 minute demonstration that includes a trick-shots, basics of golf, and fun and entertaining audience participation and activities. The demonstration can be tailored to cover a variety of topics including: "Introduction to the game of golf", "Why your ball does what it does", "How to play business golf", or "Ways to have more fun when you play golf!"

After the short demonstration, our professional will answer any questions and/or comments, or spend time on the course with your group.

No golf experience necessary
For more information, call us at 704.542.7635